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I usually work in series, based on themes and/or a specific styles. It suits my mind to explore an interesting subject from different perspectives – it rather challenges me to omit additional ideas and to focus on just a single one … but that’s another story. Exceptions proof the rule, don’t they? Here’s a personal selection of some of those rare individual pieces.




In China the word magnolia (木蘭 / mulan) is often used synonymous for “beautiful girl“ – probably because of the eponymous name of the legendary girl warrior Mulan who have taken her father‘s place in the army and made big career there.

Mulan , Purchase prints via  Society6

Mulan, Purchase prints via Society6

Magnolia: Thanks to its early and lush blooming the magnolia symbolizes abundance and fertility. In addition it is also related to noblesse, femininity and beauty. Magnolias are a bit like „lotus flowers on a tree“ and stand, similar to the lotus, for purity, virtue, tranquility and peace. In this connection the magnolia is described as a bridge between heaven and earth. 


Midnight Dragonflies

Some dragonfly species are also active in the night, sparkling golden in front of the dark night sky … How great is that?!

Midnight Dragonflies , Purchase prints via  Society6

Midnight Dragonflies, Purchase prints via Society6

Blue Gautama Buddha , Purchase prints via  Society6

Blue Gautama Buddha, Purchase prints via Society6

Blue Lotus Pattern , Purchase prints via  Society6

Blue Lotus Pattern, Purchase prints via Society6

Buddha and the Indian Lotus

According the legend Siddharta Gautama, known as Buddha Shakyamuni or simply Buddha, stud up immidately after birth and lotus flowers appeared when his feet touched the ground … no big surprise, the lotus became the most famous symbol for Buddhism later on.



The Hei-Tiki is a Maori talisman, usually worn around the neck. It refers to the “first man” and the ancestors. It offers protection and symbolizes knowledge and spirituality.

Hei-Tiki , Purchase prints via  Society6

Hei-Tiki, Purchase prints via Society6


Scarlet Ibis

I always loved ibis birds and they’re sacred to my name giver Thoth (the Egyptian god of wisdom, knowledge and the moon). So it‘s no big a surprise I have this affinity, isn‘t it?Nevertheless I created only one artwork featuring this bird so far.

Scarlet Ibis , Purchase prints via  Society6

Scarlet Ibis, Purchase prints via Society6

Ibis: Marsh birds are often renowned as mystical and mysterious creatures, because they nest in concealed, inaccessible reed thicket and rise well over the marsh with their stalk legs there. The nest in the swamp is a metaphoric symbol for the beginning of the world. It is therefore hardly surprising that in Egyptian mythology an Ibis was laying the cosmic egg on the primary hill. The ibis is generally known as a symbol of the soul, of great knowledge, fertility and devotion.