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Hi! My name is Thoth.

I’m an artist, illustrator and symbol enthusiast, focused on Asian philosophies, such as Zen Buddhism and Taoism. My art is further influenced by minimalism, abstract expressionism and graphic design – equally related to figurative and non-representational art.

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The Power Of Symbols

In one way or the other, all my work is related to the endless field of symbols. This is also true for my non-figurative and calligraphic pieces, since they’re based on signs and logograms (Chinese characters and Japanese kanjis).

Symbols always fascinated me, as an artist, as a former communication designer and as a human being. Symbols are omnipresent in our daily life, wether we’re aware of them or not; and symbols interact with us mutually, wether we’re aware of that or not.

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I’m not a reclusive, but I love to work alone, focused on my art and my thoughts. With Instagram I found a way to open a window to this ‘ivory tower’, to exchange with other people and to find and share inspiration. It’s all about my art and the process; not about me in front of a camera, feeling uncomfortable. I really appreciate that and I’m trying to post on a daily basis. If you wan’t to join me on this journey, you’re very welcome!