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Sumi Ink
Vermilion Seal
Vector Drawing
Digital Collage


Ensō (円相) is the Japanese word for circle, symbolizing absolute enlightenment, strength, elegance, the universe, and mu ( / the void).

I wrote an article about symbols based on circles, if you’re interested in this topic, give it a read!

The first Ensō+ pieces were created within the Taograms series. Then I returned to the ‘zen-circle’ again and again, realizing that this ‘symbol of all symbols’ deserves a series of its own, where I can examine its nature and possibilities.

Drawing ensō is a disciplined-creative practice in Japanese calligraphy and ink painting; usually drawn in one fluid, expressive stroke. The circle may be open or closed. Zen practitioners relate the idea to wabi-sabi, the beauty of imperfection. When the circle is closed, it represents perfection.

There are Japanese calligrapher exercising ensō drawings on a daily basis throughout their career, as an act of active meditation and also in search of unattainable mastery.

As an ‘ensō-beginner’ you try hard to create the perfect circle. It’s obviously based on practice and a lot of trials land in the garbage. With time I really learned to appreciate the imperfection, the originality and the individuality of some circles – I still need a big wastepaper basket, though. But some pieces literally ‘demand’ for further development and that extra + of personality.

This led to the concept of this series, or rather this ‘ongoing collection’. I have to confess that I’m totally mad about circles and dots, so new artworks will be added on a regular basis (originals and prints).


Selected Ensō+ Originals

From left to right:

Be Brave!


Selected Ensō+ Prints

From left to right:

Enso On Black Background
Fractal Om
Circle N° 1


At the still-point in the center of the circle one can see the infinite in all things.

Chuang Tzu