Attract The Energy Of Wealth!

Money doesn’t bring happiness, we are told … but it helps, doesn’t it? ‘We are living in a material world’ and ‘money makes the world go round’ … there are plenty of other money related sayings out there. Obviously it is a big theme in everyone’s life and it’s worth having a closer look to the wealth corner in your home. Especially as this life area isn’t limited to material wealth only!

Bagua Map  (Lo Shu Square)

Bagua Map (Lo Shu Square)

The Bagua for wealth and prosperity is located in the Southeast, or in the back, left area of your apartment. Like the East area, this quadrant is also representing the wood element, spring time, the rising sun, morning and youth. Here is the so-called “small wood”. Thinking about big trees? You better plant them in the East of your garden. The Southeast quadrant fits better for flowers and fruit bearing plants, symbolizing wealth and harvest

The Southeast is connected with the trigram Xun. Xun translates with gentleness and stands for a friendly, flexible energy connected with the wind.

Softness, wind, wealth and the element wood – do you associate also inevitably an image of a ripe, profitable cornfield gently caressed by the wind? Of course, you don’t have to become a corn farmer to be blessed by the money corner, how this quadrant is often named in Feng Shui. The abundance of this energy is available to everyone. 


Attention: First care about the basic energy and structure of your Bagua zones. The qi must flow freely before you can start planing measures for individual life areas. Install one Feng Shui vehicle or symbol after the other and give it some time to unfold its impact before going on to the next stage. 


Natural Growth!

Follow the example of the wood, it grows slowly but strong and powerful. The energy of this quadrant is about growing, ripening and harvesting. To stay within the cornfield analogy from above: you have to sow first, then to nurture, wait and let grow and finally to harvest home, when the grain is ripe. – It is in the nature of this energy that it takes constant care and patience! The good news: Every plant with good care will produce fruits!



Easy Wood Element Decorating Tips:

Use green, blue and turquoise colors combined with elongated, rectangular shapes. The element wood is nourished by water, so you can complement your look using black, marine blue, dark colors and free-flowing shapes.

In line with the prosperity theme also the color scheme of this life area is colorful and opulent. In addition you may also use black, purple and gold to decorate this corner. But please, be careful not to overdo it! The overall impression should be expensive, dignified and noble, not cluttered and cheap, like at the carnival. 

Plants with lots of small, round leaves work particularly well to enhance the wood energy of this area, including those with blossoms, fruits or berries. Pay attention for healthy and vigorous plants – avoid dried (dead) plants and ones with sharp leaves or thorns (their energy is much too aggressive and they spread the so-called Sha Qi). Artificial flowers and pictures of plants however work fine..

Decorative with elements and furniture made of wood and bamboo

Wood , Purchase prints via  Society6

Wood, Purchase prints via Society6



In Feng Shui wood is always associated with growth and vitality. There are two life areas related to wood in the Bagua square. This one and also the Southeast corner. So if you’re looking for growth in health and vitality, you should refer to the health and family area

Bagua Area N° 4 , Art Print

Bagua Area N° 4, Art Print

In Chinese the words income (祿) and deer (鹿) are both pronounced . Obvious the deer is regarded as synonymous for prosperity. At the same time, this proud animal is considered as a symbol for high reputation and for a long life. The annual renewing of its tree like antlers is probably the cause for this symbolism. The deer stands for wealth, growth and vitality in Europe as well. Thinking about a deer antlers on the wall, for example. It is more than a proud hunting trophy. It is basically an exhibited sign for wealth and success – in addition it demonstrates the pride of the potent, male hunter.

Some More Tips, Charms And Ideas:

Often enough small things can make great impact. Placing some lucky coins in the Southeast area of your home office, may just give the right impetus. Or paint one wall of this life area in gold, combined with dark wood furniture and healthy, green plants.

Rectangular and organic shapes get the best effect in this Bagua area. Many small objects represent the character of this energy more appropriate than a single, large object.

Fishes and other water elements are well suited for the activation of wealth, not forgetting the well known money tree. Choose a nice place and let it work for you ... 

How about some natural, wooden icons? Perhaps a bowl full of nuts or seeds as a symbol of prosperity?

Things To Avoid:

No trash, broken things or reminders of bad times allowed in this area! Actually they won’t do you any good somewhere else either.

No fireplace! Fire literally eats up and destroy your wealth (wood energy), so don’t use lots of red and triangle shapes.


Popular Symbols For This Area:

It’s always good to find personal, symbolic pictures or objects to decorate and boost a specific life area. Your own, positive relation to the piece/symbol can be very helpful! On the other hand, you have to keep in mind, that the cycle of the five phases retains its validity and that also personal symbols have to support the basic concept of the area

Browsing the web you will literally find tons of Feng Shui charms and symbols for your purpose, in any size, style and quality. The following examples from my catalogue do fit well to the wealth and prosperity area as well.


Treasure Vase 

The treasure vase or wealth pot is a widely know symbol. In Buddhism it is one of the eight auspicious symbols (Ashtamangala) and known as Kalasha or Bumpa representing health, longevity, wealth, prosperity, wisdom and the phenomenon of space. The Kalasha symbolizes Buddha‘s infinite quality of teaching the dharma: no matter how many teachings he shared, the treasure never lessened.

In Feng Shui, one often speaks of a wealth bowl, a money pot or uses a golden fruit bowl – they’re all variations of the same symbol: the treasure vase. Most of the time the wealth vase is used as an abundance cure to help you attract and strengthen the flow of wealth and prosperity energy in your home, but the symbol includes all kind of abundance.

Create your own wealth vase! Making a treasure pot has a long tradition in China and it is one of the most popular cures for abundance. You will find many different, ‘official’ instructions, and lists of ingredients on the web. I tend to go for a less rigid application and trust on intuition. You definitely need to find a nice vase or pot, ideally made of porcelain. Then collect ingredients; items that have personal wealth meaning for you, as well as traditional symbols of wealth such as crystals, golden ingots, soil, coins, a laughing Buddha, paper money, etc. The Feng Shui wealth vase is not meant to be displayed openly – you can, but you don’t have to. 

Shou , Purchase prints via  Society6

Shou, Purchase prints via Society6


Lucky Coin

Chinese lucky coins bring wealth and prosperity into your home. Its round shape and the square hole in the middle are symbolizing the unity of heaven and Earth (yin and Yang). Feng Shui practitioners carry a coin in their wallet or hang up a coin tassel, where several coins are tied together with a red, activating ribbon. Hanged up in the entrance area of your home, this symbol will draw in prosperity and good luck. In the money area this symbol can support your cash flow

Lucky Coin , Purchase vector file via  iStock

Lucky Coin, Purchase vector file via iStock


Cai – Wealth

The Chinese character 財 (cái) stands for fortune, wealth and prosperty and forms the basis of this popular and decorative sign. It is closely connected with the character Lu (prosperity), whereas Lu enhances a more ‘general prosperity’ and Cai emphasizes on material aspects. 

Cai , Purchase prints via  Society6

Cai, Purchase prints via Society6



Lu-Xing (also Lu) is the god of prosperity. He usually appears together with Shou-Xing and Fu-Xing, forming the San-Xing trio (the three Taoist gods of good luck Fu, Lu, Shou). Xing means star and Lu-Xing is equated with ζ Ursae Majoris, a star in the constellation of the great bear.  

The word 祿 (lù) refers to the salary of an official, federal employee. Therefore Lux-Xng is usually presented in the clothes of a Mandarin. As such, he stands not only for wealth but also for power, glory and honor and holds the Ru Yi, the scepter of power and authority in one hand; sometimes he holds in his other hand a Chinese, boat-shaped gold ingot, the so-called sycee.

> Reed about San-Xing, the three stars

Lu-Xing , Limited Art Print Set

Lu-Xing, Limited Art Print Set


Sri Yantra

The Sri Yantra Mandala isn’t an obvious choice for your wealth and prosperity are, but a good one!

The Sanskrit word Yantra means instrument or machine and it describes ritual diagrams, which are used at initiation rites and in meditation. Sri translates with holy. 

This ‘holy instrument’ contains nine triangles intertwining each other, four are representing Shiva and five Shakti. Together they are forming 43 smaller triangles. In Tantric Buddhism the Sri Yantra plays a prominent role representing the energy of life and love; and including all other, existing Yantras. It is understood as the most abstract, highest, symbolic representation of the divine being. It is also seen as a manifestation of the universe and the divine mother, what is symbolized by the center point (Bindu) of the mandala.

According to some writings the origin of the Sri Yantra dates back more than 8000 years. The American physicist Dr. Patrick Flanagan estimates that the age of the powerful sign is more than 12000 years. However its history goes way back. In the sacred geometry the Sri Yantra is appreciated as one of the purest and strongest symbols ever. Even nowadays scientist are investigating its energetic behavior. The Sri Yantra generates a strong, balanced energy field with high oscillations and shall bring material and spiritual wealth and bless the user with peace, strength and success. Living rooms, bed rooms and work spaces can be harmonized, energetically purified and recharged by placing a Sri Yantra diagram. It also supports and accelerates medical treatments of all kind.

Sri Yantra , Purchase prints via  Society6

Sri Yantra, Purchase prints via Society6


Note! Using suitable Feng Shui charms and symbols can harmonize and strengthen Bagua life areas, but can’t replace a energetic Feng Shui consultant, of course. For more complex and individual solutions it’s always worth to invest in a pro!