Boost Your Career And Life Journey!

Step by step, we are all walking on our personal path. Sometimes it‘s joyful, sometimes it‘s exhausting, sometimes we even get lost for a while, getting back on track later on. What ever step you take or you plan for your future career, it‘s worth having a closer look at the related Bagua life area first!

Bagua Map  (Lo Shu Square)

Bagua Map (Lo Shu Square)

The Bagua zone for your career and life path is located in the North or in the entrance area of your home. This area is representing the water element, winter time and the night. It is also related to the turtle and the Black warrior of the North, to learn more about this Taoist symbol, please refer to my Five heavenly beasts post.

Water is a feminine element (Yin), and extremely powerful. Its dynamism/energy is fluid and directed downward. When the water element unleashes its full potential, it can be even more destructive than fire. Channeled in the right, harmonious direction, however, water may bring a lot of luck and success in to your life. 


Attention: First care about the basic energy and structure of your Bagua zones. The qi must flow freely before you can start planing measures for individual life areas. Install one Feng Shui vehicle or symbol after the other and give it some time to unfold its impact before going on to the next stage. 


Go Your Very Own Way!

We usually need both, personal and professional success to feel happy with our life journey, therefore we should pay special attention to this Bagua area and really think about our situation and wishes. How do we want to go through life? What’s the next step? etc.

Don’t exaggerate the stimulation of the water energy  – too much of a good thing can be destructive in this case. To boost the professional success impatiently could quickly result into stress and overload. The 1. Bagua area is related to the trigram Kan, which stands for danger and abyss, and to the ever-changing moon. So be careful with this element – water can easily overflow the banks. Treat it gentle and steady!



Easy Water Element Decorating Tips:

Use black, blue and dark colors combined with curved, wavy and free-flowing shapes. The element water is nourished by metal, so you can complement your look using white, silver, gray and round shapes.

Place a fountain, an aquarium or other objects and images of water and water related themes, such as sailing boats, shells, beacons or fishes for examples.

Hang a mirror, but pay attention, that it doesn’t reflect the entrance door! You don’t want to send back all the positive qi coming in, do you?

Water , Purchase prints via  Society6

Water, Purchase prints via Society6



In Feng Shui water is always associated with money and cash flow. Therefore it is in the nature of things, that people pay particular attention to this Bagua area, ignoring, that it’s not restricted to the financial side of your career and life journey. Who doesn’t want to have more money? If that’s your major concern, you should also read the blog about the wealth and prosperity area.

Bagua Area N° 1 , Art Print

Bagua Area N° 1, Art Print

Some More Tips, Charms And Ideas:

Often enough small things can make great impact. Placing a small turtle in the North area of your desk, may just give the necessary boost to your career. Or paint the foyer in blue tones and decorate it with some symbolic, black and white pictures!

Maybe you have a clear vision of your career and your future life? Here is the room to give this dream some space. Look for related symbols and see what happens!

Make sure your front door area is well-lit so it can be seen from the street and you can find your keys easily when you are standing in front of your door.

If you need a new career or want to take a new direction in your existing job, hang a metal wind chime close to the entrance. Wind chimes are a wonderful Feng Shui tool, as they attract a lot of new and fresh energy.

Things To Avoid:

Avoid things related to the earth element, such as square objects, the colors yellow, brown and ochre and earth-like materials like soil. You don’t want to muddy up your career, do you?


Popular Symbols For This Area:

It’s always good to find personal, symbolic pictures or objects to decorate and boost a specific life area. Your own, positive relation to the piece/symbol can be very helpful! On the other hand, you have to keep in mind, that the cycle of the five phases retains its validity and that also personal symbols have to support the basic concept of the area

Browsing the web you will literally find tons of Feng Shui charms and symbols for your purpose, in any size, style and quality. The following examples from my catalogue do fit well to the career and life journey area as well.



Koi carps can become more than 50 years old with appropriate husbandry! Therefore, these animals are widely known as a symbol for longevity. In symbolic Feng Shui they representing prosperity, abundance and wealth and they’re also associated with business success, financial benefit,  past exams and success. Placed in the entrance area, carps can literally lure in good fortune and prosperity.

Koi , Purchase prints via  Society6

Koi, Purchase prints via Society6


Maneki Neko

The famous beckoning cat attracts luck and business success – and so she does in almost every home, shop and restaurant between Tokyo and New York. It makes no difference, whether you use a real Maneki figurine or a picture – the symbol counts, not the form, just make sure the cat is looking at your entrance door, beckoning in all that positive energy.

> Reed about the origin of Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko , Limited Art Print

Maneki Neko, Limited Art Print



The Japanes Zen circle is one of the most multi-layered symbols I know. It stands for enlightenment, completeness, the universe and the void, but it can also be seen as a depiction of a life span, path or career. As such it matches perfectly to this area, especially this black version!

Ensō , Purchase prints via  Society6

Ensō, Purchase prints via Society6


Black Warrior Of The North

The black warrior of the North is one of the five heavenly beasts (constellation), a fundamental symbol in Taoist cosmology representing the element water, North, winter, night, cold and the colors black and blue. He is the ‘godfather’ of this life area, very, very powerful and should be used with caution. 

> Learn more about the Five Heavenly Beasts

Black Warrior Of The North , Purchase prints via  Society6

Black Warrior Of The North, Purchase prints via Society6


Note! Using suitable Feng Shui charms and symbols can harmonize and strengthen Bagua life areas, but can’t replace a energetic Feng Shui consultant, of course. For more complex and individual solutions it’s always worth to invest in a pro!