All You Need Is Love!

No one is an island. As social beings we all need love and some kind of positive, emotional, interpersonal relationships. Actually it is essential for our existence. In the 13th century a cruel experiment proved, that babies that just were feed and cleaned, without any additional, personal contact, tenderness or affectionate care died after a short time. There’s nothing more to say, isn’t it? We all need love! Learn how to bring good energy to your love and relationships area and boost your emotional life.

Bagua Map  (Lo Shu Square)

Bagua Map (Lo Shu Square)

The Bagua zone for love and relationships is located in the Southwest, or in the right rear area of your apartment. Analogous you find your love corner in the right rear area of any room. It is represented by the element earth, the late summer, the afternoon and the trigram Kun, a female, devoted and receiving energy. Earth brings stability, grounding, nourishment, and protection


Attention: First care about the basic energy and structure of your Bagua zones. The qi must flow freely before you can start planing measures for individual life areas. Install one Feng Shui vehicle or symbol after the other and give it some time to unfold its impact before going on to the next stage.

In the bad case a toilet or boxroom is located in the relationship area of your apartment, you shouldn’t wonder about the lack of love or even difficult legacies. But even with such negative, spatial circumstances, you can boost up your luck! Activate the corresponding areas of the other rooms instead, especially in the bedroom and the living room. 


What do you want?

This quadrant is not related to romantic relationships alone, but to any kind of interpersonal contacts – regardless of your gender, current life situation or sexual orientation. Who is affectionate to his fellow human beings, acts accordingly to potential partners and will receive corresponding resonance

Think about your wishes. Are you looking for a life partner, or do you want to bring new, positive momentum in an existing relationship? Are you out for some affairs or in search of new, loving friendships? Or do you wish to harmonize relationships in general? Choose your charms and symbols accordingly. Universe usually delivers, what has been ordered, so be as precise as possible! 



Easy Earth Element Decorating Tips:

Use yellow, ocher, brown and natural shades combined with square shapes. The element earth is nourished by fire, so you can complement your look using red, pink, orange and triangular shapes.

Place some natural crystals, a clay figurine or other objects and images of earth related themes, such as landscapes or earthenware bowls for examples.

Use a Himalayan salt lamp; numerous health benefits come from using a salt rock lamp (when heated, salt rock becomes a natural air ionizer). And, you are adding the feng shui earth element and light (fire element) where you most need it!

Earth , Purchase prints via  Society6

Earth, Purchase prints via Society6



Of course, we need all 5 elements for our well being — in different proportions for different spaces and different people — but living in a material world the earth element is kind of basic and fundamental, no surprise: three of nine Bagua areas are associated with this element! A strong Earth element in your space will bring you back to your own center, calm and reassure you, as well as provide stable support for all of your endeavors. Learn more about the other two earth life areas by reading my Wholeness and Spirituality and Knowledge and Wisdom articles.

Bagua Area N° 2 , Art Print

Bagua Area N° 2, Art Print

There are many symbols for love and good partnerships known in China, like the pair of Mandarin ducks or the dragon and phoenix couple for example. For this Bagua print I choose a Western symbol however: a pair of swans. In Feng Shui tradition the goose is also regarded as a symbol for marital happiness. Swans (Cygnini) and geese belong both to the family of ducks (Anatidae) – so it all runs in the family! 

Some More Tips, Charms And Ideas:

Extend your earth color palette with different shades of pink, beige and pastel colors in this area. But don’t overdo it – you don’t want to nip the new, tender shoot of love in the bud, do you? Proceed cautiously. Energizing this life area you should watch out for a gentle, cuddly, fluffy and soft energy and a bright, friendly and harmonious atmosphere – and clear up! 

Often enough small things can make great impact. Placing a pair of dolphins in the love corner of your bedroom, may just give the necessary boost to your love life. Or paint the right rear wall of your apartment in a soft salmon pink and decorate it with a bunch of red roses!

Look for bright light, candles or a lantern. Light belongs to fire, the element that nourishes the earth, and it creates a pleasant and romantic atmosphere.

Have everything in pairs. Two pink candles, two wine glasses, two pillows, two hearts, etc. Be creative!

Things To Avoid:

Avoid mirrors in the bedroom and in the love and relationships area. Mirrors suggest water, an energy you don’t want in this Bagua zone, and it is always reflecting something or someone. A mirror in this area literally adds people to your relationship – If you don’t mind having a bit on the side, that’s fine. Otherwise I would recommend to place it somewhere else.

Images, artwork and other items that evoke sadness or loneliness won’t do you any favor. This is not the place for melancholy.


Popular Symbols For This Area:

It’s always good to find personal, symbolic pictures or objects to decorate and boost a specific life area. Your own, positive relation to the piece/symbol can be very helpful! On the other hand, you have to keep in mind, that the cycle of the five phases retains its validity and that also personal symbols have to support the basic concept of the area

Browsing the web you will literally find tons of Feng Shui charms and symbols for your purpose, in any size, style and quality. The following examples from my catalogue do fit well to the love and relationships area as well.



The sign for double happiness stands for happiness in love and marriage and it is one of the most popular symbol in East Asia. Shuang (銂) means two, twice or a pair, and Xi (喜) stands for happiness and luck. To create the symbol, one omits the first character and writes the word Xi twice, as a pair side by side. In China the symbol is commonly used to decorate gifts for wedding, engagements and other romantic purposes. It brings joy and happiness in abundance.

Shuang-Xi , Purchase prints via  Society6

Shuang-Xi, Purchase prints via Society6


Pair Of Mandarin Ducks

Mandarin ducks live together in pairs and never ever change their partner. From this, one can clearly trace their symbolism. No other image embodies marital fidelity and a happy marriage in such an univocal manner. Simultaneously this two birds are also a symbol of young love and romance, representing love with a happy ending – unlike butterflies, which (related to love affairs) symbolize rather a transient love with a sad ending.

In case you prefer three-dimensional figures to flat art, please remember: always place two ducks, not a single one (which stands for loneliness) or three ones (which can only lead to jealousy and complications).

Pair Of Mandarin Ducks , Purchase limited prints via  Curioos

Pair Of Mandarin Ducks, Purchase limited prints via Curioos


Pair of Dolphins

Dolphins are representing friendship, joy of life, fidelity, assistance, sensitivity and transcendence. These popular animals play no role in classical Feng Shui, but they became an integral and popular part in Western Feng Shui. In some esoteric schools dolphins are regarded as incarnated angels. Even if we look at these fascinating creatures with more earthly eyes: their cheerful and gentle nature is very obvious, stimulating and health bringing (Dolphin-therapy). As a pair they stand for partnership, loyalty, pleasure, gentleness, playfulness and deep love.

Pair of Dolphins

Pair of Dolphins



No life without the pumping strength of a healthy heart. Therefore the heart is best known as source of life, love, passion, joy and spirit. The heart shape (not the organic heart) is primarily known as a love symbol. Sometimes its depiction is even pierced by Cupid’s arrow. The form of the symbolic heart is common since the 3rd century B.C and based on stylized fig and ivy leaves. This evergreen, heart-shaped leaves were known as a sign of immortal love already by Greek, Roman and early Christian cultures.

Hearts , Seamless vector pattern, Purchase via  Getty Images

Hearts, Seamless vector pattern, Purchase via Getty Images


Note! Using suitable Feng Shui charms and symbols can harmonize and strengthen Bagua life areas, but can’t replace a energetic Feng Shui consultant, of course. For more complex and individual solutions it’s always worth to invest in a pro!